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Affirming Art Therapy & Counselling Services

LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults  |  Vancouver and the Province of BC

Online & In-Person Art Therapy and Counsellin

Create Space for Healing with LGBTQ+ Inclusive Counselling 

Through personalized online and in-person art therapy and counselling sessions, we have guided numerous youth and young adults in exploring their emotions, thoughts and experiences. Jillian Bagan is an Online Art Therapist and counsellor who uniquely allows for understanding and expressing situations that are difficult to make sense of, fostering healing and emotional regulation.  


Let us help you or your child unlock the wisdom, growth, healing and fulfillment that resides within. Start by booking a free consultation today and feel seen, heard and understood.  


Supporting LGBTQ+
Youth and Young Adults

At Jillian Bagan Art Therapy we specialize in supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, aged 10-30, residing in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia, find peace and inner strength. With compassionate guidance from a qualified Clinical Counsellor and Art Therapist, our clients have successfully regained control over anxiety, depression, and challenging life experiences through the transformative power of creativity, exploration and experimentation.  

Our LGBTQ+ centred practice creates a safe, validating and celebratory space for unique experiences, identities and emotions. 

Illustration of LBGTQ client with anxiety


Here's some questions you might ask if you live in British Columbia 

Frequently Asked Questions

Queer Art Therapist, Vacouver BC


Jillian Bagan is a highly qualified professional, holding a Master’s degree and registered certifications as an Art Therapist, Clinical Counsellor, and Canadian Counsellor. With 10 years of experience in community, rehabilitation, and clinical settings, Jillian specializes in working with the LGTBQ+ community facing various mental health issues and social barriers. Their client-centred approach enables collaborative exploration of alternative perspectives and problem-solving strategies through a combination of art and traditional talk therapy. 

Queer Art Therapist Vancouver BC
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Vancouver, Canada and the province of British Columbia  |  Tel: 236-688-5123

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