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Discover your Queer Joy through Group Art Therapy 


You are probably feeling exhausted from anti-trans bills and policies. Your tank is running on empty because you have to hide part of who you are at school, work or with family. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be queer in 2023 and bounce back from challenges, setbacks and difficult emotions without breaking. 

queer art therapist in Vancouver BC

I get it. 

It’s hard to see headlines like:

“US shop owner fatally shot over having LGBTQ+ Pride flag on display” 


“Trans women have been banned from top-level female chess over fears they have unfair advantage”

And not feel:

enraged, helpless, or hopeless!. 


You wish you could...

  • Take back your sense of control and cope with your feelings in a healthy way

  • Maintain a stable and positive outlook on life

  • Mobilize and do something that feels impactful

What are you really dream of? Queer Joy with lgbtq+ drawings by an Art Therapist

Queer Joy is a art therapy group for LGBTQ+ adults seeking support, community, and a creative outlet.


In this group you get to explore the power of creativity and connect with others, as well as experience the felt sense of joy as an act of resiliency through art-making, mindfulness practices and healing techniques. 

Benefits can include:

  • Strengthening coping skills 

  • Finding emotional resiliency 

  • Accessing joy

  • Building community

  •  Exploring self-expression in a safe and supportive environment

This group will help you get there

Take advantage of this cost-effective way to access therapy and connect with others who feel the same. 

Queer Joy is moving to a closed group format and looking for new participants! 

For all inquiries please contact Jillian at with Queer Joy in the subject line.

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